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Tom's Modelauto's
Voltastraat 51
1446 VB
Purmerend, Netherlands
+31 (0) 299 687373
+31 (0) 299 463827
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Tom's Modelcars

In 1992 Tom van der Scheun started selling modelcars. Starting from scratch the assortment on offer grew and grew. That meant moving to another facility.

Tom`s shop

There the company became even bigger. The reason why? In the shop collectors found the current models the wanted in every price range. Whatever you could want it was avalable. Add that to the informal atmosphere where collectors could browse.

Tom`s shop

Service became an important issue. Whenever possible models were backordered. Importing modelcars from the US distinguished this shop from all others.

Tom`s shop

We did not forget our heritage after moving to Purmerend. Service and a personal approach, more than 10.000 models in stock, are still the main ingredients for our success.

Tom`s shop

Knowing the market from both a collector's point of view and the makers we constantly try to improve our assortment by offering new products. We import the stuff ourselves and that is why can offer sharp prices.

All our customers , both retail and wholesale are more than welcome.

Tom`s shop

Opening hours shop;
Tuesday till Saturday from 10.00 till 17.00

Tom's Modelauto's
Voltastraat 51
1446 VB Purmerend
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0) 299 687373

Tom`s shop

Toms Modelcars
Voltastraat 51
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0) 299 687373

Opening hours shop;
Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 till 17.00
What is your privacy policy?
Read the Privacy policy section on the home page down below in the middle.
What do you charge for shipping and handling?
If you are ordering from another country than listed below we will check the weight of the parcel and sent you an e-mail with the final shipping cost.

Other european country's

Up to 2 kilo: €24.00
Up to 5 kilo: €30.50
Up to 10 kilo:€38.00
Up to 20 kilo:€55.50

All other country's

Up to 2 kilo: €38.50
Up to 5 kilo: €62.50
Up to 10 kilo:€102.50
Up to 20 kilo:€182.50
 Austria   € 14.49
 Belgium   € 7.69
 Bulgaria   € 24.99
 Croatia (Hrvatska)   € 24.99
 Cyprus   € 24.99
 Czech Republic   € 19.99
 Denmark   € 14.99
 Estonia   € 24.99
 Finland   € 19.99
 France   € 13.99
 Germany   € 8.50
 Greece   € 24.99
 Hungary   € 19.50
 Ireland   € 18.99
 Italy   € 14.99
 Latvia   € 24.99
 Lithuania   € 24.99
 Luxembourg   € 11.50
 Malta   € 24.99
 Nederland   € 6.99
 Poland   € 19.50
 Portugal   € 16.99
 Romania   € 22.99
 Slovakia   € 19.50
 Slovenia   € 20.99
 Spain   € 16.99
 Spain (IC)   € 17.50
 Sweden   € 18.99
 United Kingdom   € 21.99

I've recently placed an order but I would like to cancel it now. How?
Send us an email with your order number, name and adress and we cancel your order.
What are my payment options?
You can wire us the money by bank transfer or you can pay with Creditcard. Payment with Creditcard will have some extra Handling & administration fee's
What is your return policy?
You can contact us and we'll discuss how to return the product. You can send the product paid back to us at your own costs. You will be responsible for the product untill we receive it, so make sure it is not damaged and still in the original packaging. Please pack carefully.
How do I return items?
See question 11.
How do I contact you by phone?
You can call us at : +31 (0) 299 687373
What does pre-order mean?
Pre-order means new article or new color. Delivery times can vary.
If you order a pre-order article you'll receive an email when the article can be shipped.
Can I see what is in stock?
We are working to get our stock visible on the website.
If we have added the stock to an article this will be visible via a traffic light with the article.
The traffic lights mean the following:

On stock This article is in stock.
Limited stock This article is limited in stock.
In back-order or on stock at our suplier This article is out of our stock but in stock or already ordered at our suplier. Time of delivery two day`s to three weeks.
In back-order or on stock at our suplier This article is out of our stock but in stock or already ordered at our suplier. Because it`s imported from the US or China delivery can take a while. Time of delivery three to six weeks.
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